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Stainless Steel Wire

Basic points
  Material:304 304L 316 316L
  Sizes: Wire diameter range from
            0.01mm-0.052mm(ultra fine wire)
            0.052-0.2mm(fine wire)
Variety: Hard wire, soft wire, coil wire, spool wire
Standard: AISI——American Iron and Steel Institute
                ASTM ——American Society for Testing and Materials
It has good electric and thermal conduction, high intensity and elastic module, corrosion and wear resistance, Uniform and beautiful surface condition, anti-static, radiation protection and long life etc.
    It is widely used in aviation and spaceflight industry, petroleum  and chemical industry, instruments and meters, automotive manufacturer, food processing, pharmacy, environmental protection, printing, communication, textile industry and daily articles each domain, products like high-eye filter, printing mesh, automobile secure gasbag, shield net in fiber optic communication cable and tradition cable, smock of protection from radiation and dustproof ultra-clean clothes, shield dress of ultra high voltage, surgical operation clothes, gloves against cutting, bulletproof vest, intensifier in composite material, anti-counterfeit material, resistance material etc. The special fabric with steels inside which blending with cotton and wool and synthetic CIBER becomes the new favorite of textile and clothing industry.

Property Parameter:

Package:Regular Package way is Waterproof paper and wooden/metal pallet or wooden case for nickel wire or as your required. As the picture:

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