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Demister Pad

Demister Pad

    Demister pad is also known as wire mesh demister, mist eliminator or spray. It is a kind of high efficiency separation device removing liquid droplets from gas or vapor streams, mainly used for eliminate streams with diameter of more than 3μm to 5μm. It has the features of simple structure, light, less pressure drop, big surface, high demisting efficiency, easy installation, operation, maintenance and long service life.

Demister Pad working principle:

    When gas with mist rises at a constant speed through the wire mesh, due to the inertia effect, the rising mist collides with the mesh filaments and attached to the filament on the surface. Mist on the filament surface diffusion, gravity settling mist make the entrainment form larger droplets flow along the filaments of the two wire intersections. The wettability of filaments, the surface tension of the liquid and the capillary action of the filaments make the droplets grow bigger, until the droplets together to produce its own gravity exceed gas rising force and liquid surface tension force, droplets isolate from the filaments on the whereabouts. Basically it does not contain the entrainment after gas goes through the demister pad.

    Separate the gas in the mist, in order to improve the operating conditions, optimize process indicators, reduce corrosion of the equipment, extend equipment life, increase the amount of processing and recovery of valuable materials, protect the environment, and decrease air pollution.


a. Simple structure, lightweight.

b. High porosity, less pressure drops.

c. Big surfaces area, high demisting efficiency.

d. Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

e. Long service life.

Common materials for Demister Pad:

a. Stainless steel: 304, 304L, 321, 316Ti, 316L, RS-2, NS-80, 317L, 904L, 310S 

b. Titanium and titanium alloys: pure titanium TA2,TA1,TA3 and titanium alloys TA4, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA8.

c. Nickel and nickel alloys: pure nickel N6, Ni200, Ni201and Hastelloy C-276.

d. B-2; Inconel 601,625; Incoloy825; Alloy800,800H ; Monel400.

e. Super Duplex Steel: 2507(S32750) 2507(UNS S32750).

f. Engineering Plastics: PP, PE, PVC, PTFE(F4), FEP(F46), PVDF(F2). 

g.Glass fiber, cotton, chemical fiber.

h. Iron wire, copper wire ect.


According to different materials, they can be divided into metal material demisters and non-metallic demisters. According to different shapes, it can be divided into drawer, wavelike type and embedded mist eliminators.And According to different installation directions, it can be divided into Up Style Demister Pads and Down Style Demister Pads

   PTFE Demister Pad

   PP Demister Pad






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