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Coffee Filter Disc

Coffee filter disc is also known as Mesh coffee filters,Aeropress coffee filters,S filter for Aeropress.

1.Mesh Material : Stainless steel fine mesh--250 mesh; Brass/gold mesh-----180 mesh ;Copper mesh---200 mesh

2.Thickness: 0.19mm, 0.20mm,etc

3.Type: bound edge or spot- welding edge type

4.Layers: single layer or multi-layers

5.Common Shape: round , special shape can be customized


Easy to use,clean and wash

Reusable and never break

Better for the environment

No clogging.Produce a clean and delicious cup of coffee

Extra fine stainless steel mesh 100% filters fine ground coffee

7.Application: mainly used for coffee machine, for example Aeropress coffee machine.

8.Common specification fits Aeropress coffee maker:

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